We coordinate our worship experience as an involvement, not a performance. We strive as a church body to take the focus off of our personal preferences and direct all focus on God and his glory. Through both contemporary and traditional praise, prayer, giving, communion and an applicable message, we identify Christ as our Savior. We invite you to come, no matter your age, background, situations, failures, addictions or worldview. Church is not how we live out our faith, this is simply a time to get together each week to recognize the One we depend on. Each and every moment of our lives are opportunities to live out our faith.

6 Weeks to Grade 6

Through age-appropriate worship, Bible lessons and interactive learning, we want all our kids to be able to experience Christ hands on. This FCC Ministry is offered for children from 6 weeks to 6th grade. We divide this ministry into five separate environments to help your child learn at their level. 


Grade 7 to 12  

This is more than sitting in a circle, reading from the Bible and singing 'Kumbaya'. This intense, action-packed student ministry breaks the Bible down step-by-step and shows you how to use it in today's life. We believe this whole faith thing requires us to live out what we learn and to be an positive example in a broken world. 


Ages 18+

If you look at your spiritual life as a journey and not a destination, you will realize the importance of continual growth, no matter what stage of your life you are in. Whether you have attended church all your life or you are just joining God's movement for the first time, we have designed different study groups to fit your spiritual and relational needs.

All Ages

This is one of the best ways to uncover the truths about the Bible. In this small group setting, you can expect to be both welcomed and guided, no matter your past. There are no obligations to say anything during the open discussions. We offer Sunday School for all ages.