It's all about getting the Word out there.

We need to get the Word out there. From word-of-mouth to attention-grabbing flyers, this team uses both creative skills as well as relationship building in order to promote church characteristics, events, studies, classes, and projects.

Leader: Megan Clark


It's all about stewardship and stability for the future.

Financial diligence is essential for any non-profit organization. In addition, we want to ensure that we are good stewards of the offerings that the church is giving. Our budget team works hard to make sure that God's church is operating efficiently and effectively.

Leader: Megan Clark

Building Development 

It's all about providing space to learn and grow.

As our church body expands, we are in constant need of more facilities in order to properly operate our ministries. Our building development team has their eyes set to the future for building expansion and their gratitude looking into the past to how God has brought us to this point. God continues to supply our needs.

Leader: John Herre

Christian Education 

It's all about the foundational truths of what we teach.

In an attempt to maintain Biblical relevance in a ever-changing world, it could be very easy to compromise or water-down God's Word. The Christian education team is motivated to keep our church founded on Christian principle while addressing generational issues and concerns.

Leader: Andy Miles


It's all about connecting our community to a greater calling.

Leader: Kevin Willis


It's all about creatively explaining and showing the Gospel.

While we convey the Gospel in traditional forms such as song and sermon, we love to bring the Gospel in skit as well. The C.R.O.S.S. team creatively generates presentations of the Gospel message and delivers in an exciting, attention-grabbing way.

Leader: Megan Clark

F.I.S.H. (Forever I'm Serving Him)

It's all about reaching the needs of our community.

Leader: Kelly Sanders


It's all about expressing love and concern.

Leader: Judy Zieglar


It's all about supporting those who are serving Christ around the world.

We prioritize our local and global partners. We come along side of them prayerfully and financially to aid their ministry. Our mission team allocated funds to the different ministries as well as lifts them in prayer.

Leader: Andy Miles


It's all about being ready for medical emergencies and promoting good health.

Leader: Chris Kaufman


It's all about providing a safe environment.

Safety is a priority. From understanding the allergies of the kids in our kid's church to responding quickly to a medical need during worship - our safety harbors fear in many circumstances.

Leader: Zach Murin


It's all about building relationships.

Our constant desire to get together like a family is headed by our social team. Our social team plans, develops, finds volunteers, and works hard to make sure our social events are a great success.

Leader: Megan Clark

Strategic Leadership 

It's all about the direction our church is headed.

We are headed somewhere. Our desire is to make sure that our plans are God's plans for our church and our future. The strategic leadership team prayfully develops our church's mission, values and vision.

Leader: Andy Miles


It's all about providing an outlet to help people express their love to their Creator.

As a church, we are overwhelmed and crazy about our Savior. This passion necessitates a form of worship. This team organizes and presents both contemporary praise and traditional praise so that we can properly exalt our Lord.

Leader: Rich Kopanic