Worship Experience

Each time we gather together, we uphold and incorporate our basic values into our worship experience. We provide weekly and monthly worship experiences. For more information and a schedule for our monthly worship experience, click here.


We ask for God’s direction for His church and the individual ministries. We pray for the people of this church and this community, for their needs and their faithfulness to God’s will.


We want to present the highest praise to our Creator and Savior for what He has done, for who He is, and for what He is doing. We present both traditional and contemporary styles of praise. More importantly, we want to present hearts that are passionate for God.


We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week as we believe the early Church did (Acts 20:7). Since it is the Lord’s Supper we do not make judgments about who should and should not join. Each person must examine himself to see if he is in the faith (2 Corinthians 13:5). Once this examination is made, a person may participate.


We provide an opportunity for those who have submitted themselves to Christ as Lord to support the Lord’s work, both here and around the world through the outreaches we support. The time of offering during the worship experience is just one way to give. You may also give at our giving stand in the lobby or online.


We are challenged, encouraged, and motivated through relevant messages to complete the mission of the Church. These messages are simply starting points to living out our faith.


We are enriched through our relationships with others - which are founded on faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Through encouragement, accountability and mentoring, our fellowship is a fulfillment of God's plan and purpose for His Church. Ultimately we want the good news of Christ's love and our testimony to point others to Christ.