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List one time that you had to go through a tragedy on your journey. List one time that you went through a thistle field of sin. List one time that Hod brought you encouragement just when you needed it! Are you off of the path to get to your destination? What is one thing that you can do today to get you back on the path to a relationship with God?

Your Stone is Rolled

What do you feel is standing in your way of developing a closer relationship with Jesus or coming to him for the first time? Take some time to present this "stone" to God. Now find hope that God is already working on what you are weighed down by.

Give Jesus Your Donkey!

Max Lucado says, “maybe you can sing or hug or program a computer or speak Swahili or write a check...if given back to God could, like the donkey, move Jesus and his story further down the road.” What gifts do you have that you could give to Jesus? Jon Weece asks “What’s the kindest thing you’ve ever done for someone? Now go do that again this week!” What can you do this week to share your gifts with Jesus and show His love to someone who needs it? Now go do it!

Social Distancing

Jesus was the master of social distancing. He was separated from his Father, from his earthly parents, his ministry and his friends. He was put on lock-down because he was a threat. Still today, the enemy looks at anyone who is advancing the Gospel as a threat. In what ways have you felt like you have been on lock-down? Have you considered that you could be experiencing these lock-downs because you are a threat? How can these moments be used to bring glory to God?

World-Wide Spread

Much like COVID-19, the Gospel has spread to the ends of the earth - into our country and into our neighborhoods. When it began, the Gospel looked like death and defeat. Jesus hung on the cross at cried out, "It is finished." To many of those watching, this may have looked like the end - but it was just the beginning. Often God will encase his purpose and his plan for you in something common, or even worse, in something chaotic - something that looks like defeat. However, have you considered that your stressful and overwhelming situations could be the start of something new? In what ways can you change your perspective of those situations? Share your thoughts with a friend.

Distorting or Directing?

Think about a time where you read through some type of instructions but could not fully comprehend the point or goal until someone illustrated them. Have you ever considered the fact that you are an illustration of the Gospel? Many people are looking to you for an example of the Bible lived out. The question becomes: are you distorting the Gospel or directing people to it?

Don't Miss Your Shot!

Take a moment to think about the transformation that Jesus made in the life of Dave Hopla. Dave Hopla, the greatest basketball shooter on the planet, tells those he’s instructing that they can make 100% of the shots they take, but they are nothing without Jesus. How are you making an impact for Jesus? With a group of friends, list 3 things that you can do this year to make a big deal about Jesus!

Wash Your Hands

Ignaz Semmelweis made the most important discovery in medical history, but prominent doctors of his day rejected his theory that simple hand washing would be the cure for a deadly disease. Do you find it difficult to share about Jesus - our cure for the deadly disease of sin? With a group of friends list 3 ways you could share Jesus. Isn’t rejection your main fear? Think of 1 way you could continue to share Jesus in the midst of such a fear.

A Little Bit More

What little thing are you going to offer to God? Do you have a little bit of time? With a group of friends, list 3 things you could do while you stand in line at the grocery store, wait in traffic, eat lunch at work, wait for the clothes to dry, wait in the drive-thru, etc. Do you have a little bit of money? List 3 ways that you could offer that to God. Do you have a little bit of ability? List 3 ways that you can use your ability to serve God and others. List 1 way that God did something BIG with a little!

What Would You Die For?

Who would you die for? If you would die for them, then let’s not spend eternity without them! Pray for them, invite them to church; introduce them to the One Who gave His life to show them how much He loves them! List 1 way you could show God’s love to your enemies. Think of what an impact that could have in their life!! And most of all, live loved—because you are loved!

Egg-zactly What Easter is All About!

Take a moment to look at all of the people around you. These people, and you and me, we are pretty much all the same: sinners in need of a Savior! Is that how you see yourself? Is that how you see those around you? Do you feel broken? How do you feel about the fact that eggs need to be broken before they are used? Get a group of friends together and each list 1 way that God can use you. Then share with each other. Encourage each other to go out and do it!

What Is Distracting You?

If what is most important is to tell people how much God loves them, why isn't that our focus? List 3 of your biggest distractions. With a group of friends, compare your lists. Which distractions are the same for those in the group? List 1 way to get rid of that distraction. Which are unique to you? Discuss ways to eliminate that distraction from your life. Just imagine how many lives will be saved if we can stay focused on the main thing the way Jesus did!

Have You Thought About Eternity?

Have you thought about eternity? One man and one piece of chalk impacted the world by helping them think about eternity! List one thing that YOU can do to help people think about eternity.

Better Than New!

The issue isn't about how broken a person is; it's about how loving God is! Find a broken person near you and describe kintsugi to them. List 1 way that God has highlighted your flaws to allow you to reach broken people.

Finding Peace From Space

Imagine what it must have been like for these astronauts to see Earthrise. How do you think this experience would have affected you? With your group, list 3 ways you can help someone who may have an opposing view realize the peace that comes from Jesus.

Choose Joy!

Think about a situation in your life that was tragic, but looking back now you can see some good that came from it. Share with a group of friends ways to show joy to those who need a brighter Christmas!

Who Is Your Whosoever?

List a person who you have a hard time loving. Discuss with your group one way you can show God's love to that person. Pray that God will give you opportunities to show His love in this or other ways to make an eternal impact on that person and you!

Words of Hope!

With a group of friends, list 3 ways that people around you spew poison of discouragement and despair. Now list one way that you can share words of hope with each of the following: to your family; to your friends; to your neighbors; and to your co-workers.

What's Your New Challenge?

With a group of friends, discuss 1 way that you can take care of someone's physical needs. List 2 ways you can help someone spiritually. List 3 ways to help someone who may feel alone. What new challenge does God have for you to transform your depression to joy?!

Sell Your Casino

You may not own a casino, like Manny Pacquiao, but how can others see your life transformed? With a group of friends, discuss how your life is different because of Jesus. List 3 ways you can show the world that you have been transformed by Jesus!

Who Is Your Steve?

Who is your Steve? Has God put someone in your life to bring about transformation in their life? With a group of friends, make a list of your Steves and what we can do to introduce them to Jesus who can transform their life for eternity.

Open Arms or Crossed Arms

But when we see them as lost, we go find them, and when we find them, we rejoice! With a group of friends, list one daring thing you can do this week to reach someone in your community who is lost. Think of one person at your work that you need to be persistently reaching out to and inviting to church. Picture one person in your family who needs you to be patient with, as God works in their life until he or she has a change of heart. Finally, list 3 ways you can celebrate, receiving them with open arms - not crossed arms - when they come home!

What Will You Do With Your Foul Ball?

What's your first reaction to the couple that wouldn't give the foul ball to the blind boy at the baseball game? Do you ever see yourself like that couple when it comes to the incredible gift God has given us? We've stumbled upon salvation and now we've got to share it with those who are spiritually-blind around us! List 3 people in your life that you want to share your foul ball with this week. Start by sending them the link to this devotion and invite them to Church with you next week!

How's Your Vision?

If someone said they could envision a day with 5 times the current amount in attendance at your church, what would be your response? Would you chuckle? How's your vision when it comes to seeking the lost like Jesus did? With a group of friends, list 3 ways you can open your eyes to see lost people around you. List 2 people who you would like to help find their way home. List 1 thing you will do this week to show them God's love.

The County Fair is Coming!

Make a list of people who hate you. With a group of friends, talk about how they have drug you across a field, against a fence post and through a barbed wire fence. Now make a list of 4 ways you can show them love, do good, bless, and pray for the people on your list. Then watch God do amazing things, because the day of the County Fair is coming!

Be Dangerous!

Recall times and situations where you prayed for God to keep you safe. With a group of friends, list 6 ways you can be dangerous for God. Include: 2 people you can share your faith with, 2 people you can invite to church, and 2 people you could pray for!

Don't Treat Your Spouse Like a Watch

It will just do what you want, look attractive on your wrist, and exists solely to meet your specific needs. Does that describe your watch or your spouse? With a group of friends, list 3 ways you can show your spouse that you treasure them. Share an example of love without conditions that you have experienced. Spend this summer deepening your relationships!

For Us

Often it is easy to avoid the challenges, fears and worries of leaving our comfort zone for the sake of Christ's name. However, think about how Christ left his comfort zone in Heaven so that we could be saved and restored to the presence of our gracious God. List 3 ways you can leave your comfort zone and serve God this week, not for a reward, but because He has already done so much - for us.

$100M Contract

We all have been offered a priceless contract - the gift of grace. However, we have all allowed insignificant things to consume the power of that gift. With a group of friends, share something insignificant that you have allowed to overcome your $100M contract. Pray for each other and offer accountability in that area.

House Building Materials

Which Little Pig best describes you? Are you so busy that you don't read the plans and just build your house with straw like the first pig? Are you like the second pig who didn't want to make too much of an investment into his house, so he just skimmed the plans and built with sticks. Or are you like the third pig who read the plans, poured the foundation and built his house of bricks? Which house will stand when the wolf comes? List 3 things you can do to help your house withstand the huffing and puffing of the wolf.

Don't Be a Wolf

We need to be on the lookout for wolves! Wolves are dangerous, evil, power-hungry, and deceptive. Good people could become wolves and sometimes we all can be a little wolf-ish. With a group of friends, make a list of 3 ways you could become more welcoming to newcomers, 3 ways you could become more positive and encouraging, and 3 ways you could keep the flock together.

Are You On the Right Road?

As you cruise through life, how do you know you are headed in the right direction? Describe to a group of friends a time in your life when you were going through the fog and what you did to see the light, turn your life around, and get on the right road headed toward home. This week, slow down and make sure you are headed on the right direction!

Choose Life!

Isn't it interesting that two brothers raised by the same father, same mother, in the same environment, with the same occupation, and the same passions would make such different choices? One choosing death with the other choosing life. List an example from your own experience where you've witnessed someone choosing death or choosing life. How doe sit make you feel to know that God allows you to make your own choices? How can you make a decision today to choose life?

The Gift of the Cross

The early Church exploded in growth because of the sacrificial love that was shown during horrific plagues. List 3 things you can do to show sacrificial love to someone this week. Share your list with a few friends. Make a plan of action to carry out one of your ideas as a group.

The Gift of the Torn Curtain

How does this simple illustration help you understand what Jesus did for you? Take a minute and draw the illustration for yourself, then practice the story with a friend. List 3 people that you will share this illustration and story with this coming week.

The Gift of the Sign on the Cross

God can use anyone to accomplish His purpose. When have you seen God use someone or something in your life that you didn't expect? How about you? Do you think God can use you to accomplish His purpose? God's forgiveness is for everyone. Does this make you look at people around you differently? And have you received His forgiveness for your sins?

The Gift of Spit 

Have you ever spit on anyone? Talk with some friends about a time you made someone feel bad so you could feel good. Discuss the following phrase: "How we treat others is how we treat Jesus." Aren't you thankful that Jesus carried our spit (the filth of our sin) to the cross? What a gift!

Infiltrating Our Secular Culture

Talk with a few friends about how "I Can Only Imagine" became the most requested song on mainstream radio. List 3 things that you can do to infiltrate our secular culture. Get a group together and see "I Can Only Imagine" the movie. Share this link with 3 people inviting them to church!

Focus On What Is Important

On a big stage in front of millions of viewers, the Eagles praised God and shared their faith in Jesus. They do the same thing with the person next to them in the locker room. What about you? Write down three people next to you who need Jesus in their life. List three things that you will do this week to share with them the reason for the Hope that you have - Jesus! Maybe you could share one of these videos with them. That may begin a conversation that may change their life forever!

Jesus Is Better

List something in your life that you place above Jesus. Is it your career? How about your family? Food? Entertainment? Recreation? Health? Religion? You fill in the blank. What gets in the way of your relationship with Jesus? Don't be like the rich young ruler. Choose Jesus! A relationship with Jesus is so much better than anything the world has to offer!

Be Salty

Salt is used to flavor, heal, or preserve. Talk with a group of friends about three ways that you can add salt to your world this week. Is there something bitter that you can make better? Is there a wound that needs healing? Is there something in your life that has the potential to rot that needs to be preserved?

A New Attitude for a New Year

Talk to a group of friends about a situation that has occurred in your life that you initially thought was a curse that ended up becoming one of your greatest blessings. How can recollecting these events change your attitude as you face difficult situations during this new year?

Make Room for Jesus!

Don't be like the innkeeper who missed an opportunity to see Jesus! List three ways that you can make room for Jesus in your life starting today!

What Your Pet Fish Can Teach You About Christmas

Hebrews 4:15 says, "He's been through weakness and testing, experiencing it all - all but the sin" (MSG). With two or three friends, discuss what it means to you that God became one of us - that God jumped into the fish bowl with us. Knowing that God gave up everything to show you how much He loves you, list two specific ways that you will humbly serve someone so that they can experience God's love, maybe for the first time.

Joseph's Obedience

List three questions that you would like to ask Joseph. Talk with a group of friends about a time in your life when you weren't sure about God's plan, but you trusted Him and obeyed, and now looking back you could see that God was working for your benefit and His glory.

The Light Pierces the Darkness

In what ways do you need to open your eyes to what God wants you to see? List three ways you could make someone's day a little brighter.

A Smile and a Dime

In what small way can you show thanks to people who have helped you? Talk with a friend about a time that God has placed someone in your path that helped you or that you were able to help.

Who Determines Your Value?

Now that you know your true value, what steps will you take this week to protect something so valuable? List three things that you will do this week to show someone how valuable they really are.

Small Sacrifice = Big Impact

What are you willing to sacrifice to show God's Love to someone in need this week?