Live Stream

A Note From Our Leadership

We are still here for you. We understand there may be many unexpected hardships during this time. That is why we continue to partner together to help lead God's work and mission. Together, with God as our Protector, we will come through this - stronger, wiser, and more aware than ever. You can submit a prayer request or a praise below by tapping "KEEP CONNECTED" and then "OUTREACH". If you would like to talk with and/or be lead in prayer with a pastor or if you are in need of assistance, please contact the church at 724-245-2741.


If you have not done so already, please prepare the bread and juice as there will be a time in the streaming service to partake. Unlike our typical - "everyone partake together" - each person can eat the bread and drink the juice at their own time during the song following the meditation message and prayer. (If you have extra time and are in need of an at-home project, there are some great online recipes for Unleavened Bread.)