Description: Nearly 2,000 years ago, a miraculous star shone in the sky to signal to all the world that Christ, the Prince of Peace, had come. In this Christmas series, we will take a breathtaking journey to “follow the star”, exploring the exciting days leading up to Christ’s birth and the life-changing messages of hope, love, joy, and peace His coming brought to the world.

Dates Aired: 12-2-18 through 12-23-18


Description: Henry David Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." So many go through their lives going from one sorrow to the next; one disappointment to the next; one mistake to the next. We miss out on life because we have missed out on joy. Too many live lives of discouragement and despair. In this series, we will discover the transforming qualities of having joy in your life. Joy changes how we see things, how we live, who we are. Let's discover true joy.

Dates Aired: 11-4-18 through 11-18-18


Description: During this series, we will discover how to be transformed through the love of God and how to find your place in God's story; how to be transformed from a spectator to a participant; how to be transformed from casual to committed in your faith; and how to be transformed from sinner to saint.

Dates Aired: 10-21-18 through 10-23-18


Description: Two lives destined for Hell. Two lives that were convinced they were doing the right thing. Two lives that desperately needed help (even if they didn't know it). These two lives are Paul and Peter. Men who were sinners to the extreme; but something happened. Crazy Change happened in their lives that brought them to the feet of Jesus. We too are in need of some Crazy Change in our lives. This world is a sinful place and we are often dragged along for the ride. In this series, you will experience what this change looks like and what Jesus can do in you.

Dates Aired: 10-7-18 through 10-14-18


Description: Luke 19:10 tells us that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. That is an incredible summary of why Jesus came. But when we read those words I'm not sure we understand the lengths to which Jesus is willing to go to get it done. Luke records three parables that all speak of the lost: lost sheep, lost coin, lost son. Maybe the parable of the lost sheep says it best when it tells us that Jesus was willing to leave the 99 for The One. If Jesus came to seek and to save the lost; and if Jesus gives us the example of stepping out of our comfort zones to go after The One; then, we need to be a church that never loses sight of The One. We need to be a church that doesn't cater to the 99 but instead seeks The One that needs a relationship with Jesus. In this series we will focus on The One, the lost and broken who need the healing of Jesus in their lives. Our hope is that in these messages we will become a church that is willing to leave the 99 in an effort to find The One who is still lost and alone.

Dates Aired: 8-19-18 through 9-23-18


Description: It's scary out there! Or is it? We live in a world that is a dangerous place. People all around us are being pulled in by the temptations of sin. Our families, friends, and those we love are falling and struggling every day. And as scary as that is, the most terrifying part is that we don't even see it. Jude is writing to a world and a church that is in danger and doesn't even know it. Satan is advancing! The Church is being attacked by false teaching, unbelief, and apathy! Jude can take it no more. He gives a warning that echos through the centuries and should touch us even today. We have buried our heads in the sand for far too long. We have a faith worth fighting for and a Savior worth living for. In this series we look at Jude's warning and see that it is time to take a stand for Jesus.

Dates Aired: 7-8-18 through 8-12-18 


Description: The family has long been under attack in our nation and in the world. Divorce rates have gone up; births to single parents have gone up; and a negative view of marriage is permeating our culture. What do we do to hold on to the foundation of our homes? What can we do to strengthen our relationships and protect them from the dangers all around? What we can do is be relentless! Relentless about our own relationship with Jesus because we know that He is the answer to the problems we face. We can be relentless about our families, never letting them lose sight of Jesus. We can be relentless in our pursuit of God's Word because in it we find God Himself. In this series, we get relentless about relationship, with God and with each other.

Dates Aired: 5-27-18 through 6-17-18


Description: It was an ordinary day. Jesus was surrounded by crowds. And Jesus was not about to miss an opportunity to teach. He went up on the hillside and began to speak. What He taught that day must have seemed like madness to the people. Even from the beginning He changed the whole manner of looking at faith and how to live it out. Words that would be the foundation of what He would teach from this moment on, and yet they were words that caught the people off guard. This study is a look at that "Mountain Madness" and how Jesus' straightforward discussion of faith and life still affect us today.

Dates Aired: 1-7-18 through 5-6-18


Description: When you think of the cross, what comes to mind? Steeples? Gold necklaces? Churches? Yearly church visit? Of do your thoughts go deeper? Do works like these come to mind? Jesus. Nails. Blood. Pain. Death. Tomb. Life. Savior. The words of the cross, so full of pain. So full of passion. So full of promise. God's promise. His promise to you. His promise to do whatever it takes to save your soul. The suffering and pain of the cross is Jesus taking our sin, paying the price for our brokenness, dying for us. But in that experience, so full of pain and sacrifice, we find a gift so great that it keeps on giving today. In this series, we travel together through the cross to understand the love and compassion of our Lord and Savior.

Dates Aired: 3-4-18 through 4-1-18