Sermons: By Series

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Dates Aired: 3-8-20 through 4-12-20

Description: Letters are a lost art. Sitting down with only a pen and paper and being able to put your thoughts, emotions, dreams, and life on that paper is amazing and therapeutic. Time to think, time to make changes, time to make the words just right before you put it in an envelope and share it with someone else. Now we tweet, text, Instagram and Snapchat. No time, very little thought, just lots of emojis. Over the years, letters have been essential to sharing one's heart and soul with those not close by. Even God used letters throughout the New Testament to answer questions and teach about following Christ. And in Revelation, He sends 7 letters that still speak to the church today. In those letters we see a great deal about God and even more about us. Join us as we read the letters to the churches. We can almost see the beginning now, "Dear Church..."

Dates Aired: 1-6-20 through 2-16-20


Description: Christmas is a magnificent time of year. Family is together. Gifts are shared. Food is eaten. Decorations shine. But what is Christmas, really? Is it just those things or is Christmas something more. Dr. Seuss put it this way: “And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” Christmas is definitely more than we have ever imagined. Christmas, you see, is a declaration of war. Christmas, the child coming in the manger, is an invasion of the dark world of Satan. Christmas is God reaching down to us. As we go through this Christmas series, remember that Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.

Dates Aired: December 8, 15, 22

Description: A parent tells their child "Take out the trash" and then waits. The child pretends to not hear. The parent tells them again "Take out the trash." The child walks to their room. How many times have we or our children done something similar. We say "NO". Jonah experienced His Father, God, telling him to do something, and, Jonah, just like us, said "NO" to God. That began the most incredible of journeys. In this series we will discover the wages of disobedience, the amazing results of prayer, and the gratitude that somehow never comes. This will be a journey you will never forget.

Dates Aired: October 6, 13, November 3, 2019


Description: Someone once said, "You get out of it what you are willing to put in to it." And, to be honest, it is a pretty true statement. If you are studying, you get out of it what you put in. If you are on the field of play, you get out of it what you put in. It is true in so many areas of life. But there is one part of life that we don't like to think of it in those terms. When it comes to faith, to our journey with Jesus, we just want the blessings without any effort. Galatians is an incredible picture of everything or nothing. You get out of your faith what you are willing to put in to it. You are faithful, you receive the blessings of God. But if you are simply going through the motions, you can expect very little return. In this series we will  journey through Galatians to see if we are ready for Everything or Nothing.

Dates Aired: 6-30-19 through 9-15-19  


Description: After Judah fell to the Babylonians, their city was left in piles of rubble, the Temple destroyed, and the people carried away as slaves. It was their unfaithfulness that had led to their own destruction. In time, they repented and God relented. They began to return home. The walls were rebuilt to protect the city, but the Temple was still in a pile of rubble. They were called to rebuild the Temple but they were more concerned about their own comfort. God sends His prophet Haggai and reminds them of their calling. They listen but soon become discouraged. Once again Haggai comes to encourage and motivate. And finally, they give their all and God's House is rebuilt. This is an incredible picture of what we face today in this nation that has turned its back on God. In this series, we will journey with Haggai to help us stay faithful in our journey. 

Dates Aired: 2-17-19 through 4-28-19 


Description: The Danger is real! Too many are blissfully unaware of the danger they are in. We walk blindly and don't notice the gaping hole just in front of us. There is a place created for Satan and his demons (we call it Hell). It is a place of eternal agony and separation from God. Those who choose to ignore God and His Church are on a path that leads them there. In this series, we will discover that there is a pit and staying out of it should be a priority. It can be done and, together, we will discover how. 

Dates Aired: 2-17-19 through 4-28-19


Description: The world we live in is a mess. Just watch the news or check online and you see a broken and sinful people. It often fits the description of God's people right before God could take no more and sent a flood upon the whole earth. We are called to be different. We are called to live a life reflecting Jesus and not the sinfulness of the world. As a matter of fact, 1 Peter 1:16 tells us that we shall be holy because God is holy. In this series, we will discover what that means and how it can happen in our lives.

Dates Aired: 1-6-19 through 2-10-19

Description: Nearly 2,000 years ago, a miraculous star shone in the sky to signal to all the world that Christ, the Prince of Peace, had come. In this Christmas series, we will take a breathtaking journey to “follow the star”, exploring the exciting days leading up to Christ’s birth and the life-changing messages of hope, love, joy, and peace His coming brought to the world.

Dates Aired: 12-2-18 through 12-23-18


Description: Henry David Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." So many go through their lives going from one sorrow to the next; one disappointment to the next; one mistake to the next. We miss out on life because we have missed out on joy. Too many live lives of discouragement and despair. In this series, we will discover the transforming qualities of having joy in your life. Joy changes how we see things, how we live, who we are. Let's discover true joy.

Dates Aired: 11-4-18 through 11-18-18


Description: During this series, we will discover how to be transformed through the love of God and how to find your place in God's story; how to be transformed from a spectator to a participant; how to be transformed from casual to committed in your faith; and how to be transformed from sinner to saint.

Dates Aired: 10-21-18 through 10-23-18


Description: Two lives destined for Hell. Two lives that were convinced they were doing the right thing. Two lives that desperately needed help (even if they didn't know it). These two lives are Paul and Peter. Men who were sinners to the extreme; but something happened. Crazy Change happened in their lives that brought them to the feet of Jesus. We too are in need of some Crazy Change in our lives. This world is a sinful place and we are often dragged along for the ride. In this series, you will experience what this change looks like and what Jesus can do in you.

Dates Aired: 10-7-18 through 10-14-18


Description: Luke 19:10 tells us that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. That is an incredible summary of why Jesus came. But when we read those words I'm not sure we understand the lengths to which Jesus is willing to go to get it done. Luke records three parables that all speak of the lost: lost sheep, lost coin, lost son. Maybe the parable of the lost sheep says it best when it tells us that Jesus was willing to leave the 99 for The One. If Jesus came to seek and to save the lost; and if Jesus gives us the example of stepping out of our comfort zones to go after The One; then, we need to be a church that never loses sight of The One. We need to be a church that doesn't cater to the 99 but instead seeks The One that needs a relationship with Jesus. In this series we will focus on The One, the lost and broken who need the healing of Jesus in their lives. Our hope is that in these messages we will become a church that is willing to leave the 99 in an effort to find The One who is still lost and alone.

Dates Aired: 8-19-18 through 9-23-18


Description: It's scary out there! Or is it? We live in a world that is a dangerous place. People all around us are being pulled in by the temptations of sin. Our families, friends, and those we love are falling and struggling every day. And as scary as that is, the most terrifying part is that we don't even see it. Jude is writing to a world and a church that is in danger and doesn't even know it. Satan is advancing! The Church is being attacked by false teaching, unbelief, and apathy! Jude can take it no more. He gives a warning that echos through the centuries and should touch us even today. We have buried our heads in the sand for far too long. We have a faith worth fighting for and a Savior worth living for. In this series we look at Jude's warning and see that it is time to take a stand for Jesus.

Dates Aired: 7-8-18 through 8-12-18 




Description: The family has long been under attack in our nation and in the world. Divorce rates have gone up; births to single parents have gone up; and a negative view of marriage is permeating our culture. What do we do to hold on to the foundation of our homes? What can we do to strengthen our relationships and protect them from the dangers all around? What we can do is be relentless! Relentless about our own relationship with Jesus because we know that He is the answer to the problems we face. We can be relentless about our families, never letting them lose sight of Jesus. We can be relentless in our pursuit of God's Word because in it we find God Himself. In this series, we get relentless about relationship, with God and with each other.

Dates Aired: 5-27-18 through 6-17-18


Description: It was an ordinary day. Jesus was surrounded by crowds. And Jesus was not about to miss an opportunity to teach. He went up on the hillside and began to speak. What He taught that day must have seemed like madness to the people. Even from the beginning He changed the whole manner of looking at faith and how to live it out. Words that would be the foundation of what He would teach from this moment on, and yet they were words that caught the people off guard. This study is a look at that "Mountain Madness" and how Jesus' straightforward discussion of faith and life still affect us today.

Dates Aired: 1-7-18 through 5-6-18


Description: When you think of the cross, what comes to mind? Steeples? Gold necklaces? Churches? Yearly church visit? Of do your thoughts go deeper? Do works like these come to mind? Jesus. Nails. Blood. Pain. Death. Tomb. Life. Savior. The words of the cross, so full of pain. So full of passion. So full of promise. God's promise. His promise to you. His promise to do whatever it takes to save your soul. The suffering and pain of the cross is Jesus taking our sin, paying the price for our brokenness, dying for us. But in that experience, so full of pain and sacrifice, we find a gift so great that it keeps on giving today. In this series, we travel together through the cross to understand the love and compassion of our Lord and Savior.

Dates Aired: 3-4-18 through 4-1-18


Description: An imaginative series that examines the important truths discovered in the first Christmas.There is an important truth that we discover as we experience that first Christmas. God always keeps His promises. For all of us that find ourselves feeling like it is always winter and never Christmas, we often feel distanced from God. But through this series, and the story of Christmas, we find out that we can always trust God's timing. Discover what it truly means to experience Christmas.

Dates Aired: 11-26-17 through 12-24-17


Description: When you are in school, teachers must have some idea of whether or not their students are learning the information being presented. It cannot be assumed that everyone understands. So teachers give tests to better understand their students learning. It helps the teacher and it also helps the student to know where they stand, to know whether or not they need to focus more. The same can be said of our walk with God. How do we know where we stand in our relationship with Jesus. 1 John 5:13 says, "These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know that you have eternal life." God wants us to know where we stand. How can we know? How do we know? This series will help you understand where you are doing well and where you need to focus more on your relationship with Jesus. We need to be confident about our walk with God and these messages will help you in that journey.

Dates Aired: 10-29-17 through 11-19-17


Description: Pastor Doug Martin

Dates Aired: 10-22-17 through 10-25-17

Description: You have seen it before. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, families will inevitably sit outside what was once their home. The house, and all that they had, has been destroyed. That broken shell of a house gives a pretty clear picture of what is in their heart for that moment. The same can be said for the House of God. After Jerusalem had been destroyed by the Babylonians, it lay in shambles. And that broken city of God painted a pretty clear picture of the state of the relationship between the people and God. And the same can be said for the church of today. Not about the physical disrepair or damage but about the constant beating the church takes in the world we live in. To look at the condition of the church gives us a pretty clear picture of the heart of those who follow Him. In this series we discover a new heart for the House of God, repair our relationship with Him, and then see what His House can do.

Dates Aired: 9-24-17 through 10-15-17

Description: What a simple question that has so much in it. When we hear "What's New?" we think of the things that have happened in our lives that might be new since we last met the person who asked. In this series we will consider what's new in us because of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our lives cannot stay the same when Christ is in our lives. And thankfully, the Bible gives us so much information about what's new because of Jesus. In this series, we search the Scriptures and see what Jesus does in a life that follows him.

Dates Aired: 7-9-17 through 9-17-17

Description: The keys to your car will open your door and start your engine. The keys to your house will allow you to enter. The keys to your heart will allow someone access to what lies beneath in your life. And the keys to prayer will open the doors of life and provide access to God's power. But, just how much do we know about those keys to prayer? Assumptions are usually made. We assume that we and those around us know the basics of prayer. And sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that we know more than we actually do. This series will shed some light on the keys to prayer and just what prayer can do in our lives.

Dates Aired: 6-11-17 through 6-25-17

Description: What is it that binds us together as people? It cannot be anything in this world because we are all so different. And we know that it is far easier to destroy than to build and hold together. What holds us together are the connections we make: first with God and then with each other. The realization that we are all sinners in need of a Savior and the fact that Jesus sacrificed himself for us are the connections that hold us together no matter what comes our way.

Dates Aired: 4-23-17 through 5-28-17

Description: We all know the story. We have heard it all before. We know what the preacher will say. We know the songs that will be sung. After all, it is Easter. But there is a vast difference between knowing something and experiencing something. I know the burner is hot but it doesn't really become real until I experience that heat by touching it. The experience brings a level of real that we did not have before. We may know about Jesus and Easter, but have we experienced the love of Jesus, the pain and suffering He went through for us, the loneliness He felt upon the cross, or the hope that His sacrifice and resurrection bring? This Easter, we are going for more than knowledge; we want the Easter Experience. We want to move beyond knowing to living and loving.

Dates Aired: 3-5-17 through 4-16-17

Description: Common sense tells us that we were never intended to deal with the struggles of this life alone. Even the animal kingdom knows that the herd is a far safer place than to be alone in the presence of predators. 1 Peter 5:8 reminds us that our enemy, Satan, is prowling around looking for someone to devour. Knowing this, don't you think it is time you became connected with God and His people so that you are not left alone and in danger. The Church is the Body of Christ in this world and each one of us as followers is an integral part of that Body. Alone we are vulnerable and exposed, together we are stronger and protected. In this series, we discuss the Biblical concept of getting connected with God, His people, and those around us.

Dates Aired: 1-8-17 through 2-19-17


Description: We live in a world of discouragement and heartache. People are searching for peace and meaning in their lives. How can we find what we seek? The simple answer is “Because of Bethlehem.” Because Jesus was born into our darkened world, we can find the light. Because He came for us, we can have hope and salvation. So, this Christmas, remember what Christ has done for you, “Because of Bethlehem.”

Dates Aired: 12-4-16 through 12-25-16

Description: Giving thanks to God is a lost art in our world. We have lost out focus and have forgotten that all good things come from God. In this series, we will remember to be grateful for the One who gave it all for us.

Dates Aired: 11-18-16 through 11-25-16

Description: A life without purpose is a life without meaning! Harsh but true words. The sad fact is that many go through their lives simply taking each moment without a real purpose or destination in mind. It is no wonder that so many become lost, fall into all sorts of trouble, and lose hope. Thankfully, as children of God, we have been given a purpose, a mission to guide our lives in Christ. We are called to reach the broken with the message and hope and salvation of Jesus Christ. To help a world that is lost to find themselves in Jesus. In this series, we take a journey together into discovering our meaning, our purpose, our mission of together reaching the broken all around us.

Dates Aired: 10-9-16 through 10-30-16

Description: We live in a world where tearing one another down has become the norm. But as Christians we are called to something different. In the midst of the discouragement and despair, the Church is called to encourage, lift up, and build up one another. To Raise the Body is to choose to lift up and not tear down, to encourage rather than discourage. This series will help us become that Body Builder that Jesus desires us to be and help us move one step closer to fulfilling our purpose in Christ.

Dates Aired: 9-11-16 through 10-2-16


Description: Far too many times we have looked at our lives and said “if only…” - “If only I had a promotion”; “If only I had more money”; “If only…”. We all want a better story but we look for that better story in the wrong places. A better story for our lives is not found in how much we can get or what we can gain; a better story is found in only one place – Jesus Christ. This series will help you to understand that the better story you want in your life will only come when you meet Jesus and He becomes a part of you.

Dates Aired: 7-31-16 through 8-28-16

Description: A popular wrestler, John Cena, can always be heard to say “You Can’t See Me.” As I began to consider what that may mean, I realized that the same phrase “You Can’t See Me” should be a part of every Christians’ life. It is not about us. It is not about how smart we are or how rich we are or how pretty we are or how talented we are; this journey with Christ is all about Him. John the Baptist said that He (Christ) must increase and I (John) must decrease. We should desire that Christ should be seen in us. The more we allow others to see Christ in us rather than us, the more people will be drawn to Jesus and His Church.

Dates Aired: 6-5-16 through 7-3-16

Description: We have all seen teams that were out of the playoffs but still had to play the games. Often they will not put the effort into it and people will say that they are just going through the motions. That does nothing but make everyone angry because they expect so much more. Imagine God looking down upon His Church and seeing Christians who are just going through the motions in their faith. Considering that He gave His Son to die on the cross for us, it would have to infuriate God to see us just going through the motions. God expects so much more of us. This series will help you understand that there is no room in Christianity for anything but being All In.

Dates Aired: 3-6-16 through 5-22-16

Description: What is it that makes you who you are? Some would say that it is simply a matter of genetics. Others would say that it is genetics mixed with environment. The reality is that genetics and environment are only a part of it. Within us we have a collection of beliefs and attitudes that guide us through the decisions we make and the actions we take. These are called your core values. They are who you are. As Christians, we too have a set of Core Values – those things that define us. This series will help you discover what those Core Values are and how you can cement them into your life.

Dates Aired: 1-3-16 through 2-21-16


Description: We all would like to think that we are a people of faith. But what happens when that faith is tested; when tragedy comes? Often people find that their faith cannot stand under those intense circumstances. This series is designed to help you develop a faith that works in all circumstances that life may throw at you. We all need a faith that works.

Dates Aired: 10-25-15 through 12-13-15


Description: A further look into the previous series, "Simple Truths."

Dates Aired: 8-23-15 through 9-20-15

Description: Can you see the forest for all the trees? It is true that sometimes we get caught up in the small stuff and lose the big picture but there are some details that cannot be ignored. They are the little things that when put together make us who we are and define our faith. The simple truths of life that must be discovered and understood so that we can live fulfilled lives in Christ. This series will help you discover some of those simple truths that every Christian needs to know and understand.

Dates Aired: 7-12-15 through 8-2-15

Description: Marriage between a man and a woman is created by God, held together by God, and is an essential part of understanding our relationship to God. This series is not only designed to help you understand what marriage is but how to create a relationship that will last in a world that seems dedicated to tearing it apart.

Dates Aired: 5-24-15 through 6-28-15

Description: The Church is so much more than just a building. The Church is described as the Body of Christ on earth. It is seen as an earthly representation of God’s Kingdom in Heaven. But the Church is often misunderstood by the very people who are part of it. This series will help you see how the Church began and what God expects of it and of us.

Dates Aired: 4-12-15 through 5-3-15